CHEM 3050/BIOL 3010
CHEM 3050/BIOL 3010
CHEM 3050/BIOL 3010

WINTER 2020 CHEM 3050/BIOL 3010/BCHM 3010 3.0 - Advanced Biochemistry


Course Syllabus Winter 2022 (PDF)


Lecture Recordings:

Jan 10th (Course Intro, Syllabus)

Jan 12th (Introduction to metabolism)

Jan 14th (Still introduction to metabolism)

Jan 17th (STILL introduction to metabolism)

Jan 19th (Amino Acids to Proteins I)

Jan 21st (Amino Acids to Proteins II)

Jan 24th (Amino Acids to Proteins III)

Jan 26th (Protein Structure and Analytical Tools)

Jan 28th (Analytical Tools and Enzymes)

Jan 31st (Enzymes)

Feb 2nd (Types of Enzymes, Types of Reactions)

Feb 4th (Enzyme Function)

Feb 7th (Enzymes in vitro and Inhibitors)

Feb 9th (Enzymes in vitor and Dynamics)

Feb 11th (Enzymes Dynamics and Function)

Feb 28th (Metabolic Pathways and Energy Metabolism)

March 2nd (Energy Metabolism I - Glycolysis)

March 4th (Energy Metabolism II - Glycolysis)

March 7th (Energy Metabolism III - Citric Acid Cycle)

March 9th (Energy Metabolism IV - Oxidative Phosphorylation)

March 11th (Lipid Metabolism)

March 14th (Fatty Acid Metabolism)

March 16th (Cholesterol and Hallowe'en Lecture!)

March 18th (Nucleotide Metabolism)

March 28th (Nucleotide Metabolism and Nucleotide metabolites)

March 30th (Amino Acids in Metabolism)

April 4th (End Amino acids and Iron Metabolism)

April 6th (Iron and Calcium Metabolism)

April 8th (Metalbolic Diseases, Caffeine, Alcohol)



Lectures (Potentially old, PDF download):

Week 1: Course Intro, Intro to Metabolism

Week 2: Amino Acids to Proteins

Week 3: Protein Structure and Enzymes

Week 4: Enzyme Kinetics and Regulation

Week 5: Enzyme Dynamics and Function

Week 6: Energy Metabolism

Week 7: Oxidative Phosphorylation and Lipid Metabolism

Week 8: Nucleic Acid Metabolism

Week 9: Amino Acid Metabolism

Week 10: Iron and Calcium Metabolism

Week 11: Metabolic Diseases and Poisons / Alcohol and Caffeine Metabolism

Week 12: The Origins of Metabolism


Useful Links: (cool tools for protein analysis)

Swiss pdb (a little annoying to use, but plenty powerful) (THE protein structure database)