The Boss Man
The Boss Man
The Boss Man

- I was born just a stone's throw away from York Richmond Hill Hospital

- Public School: Beverly Acres (french immersion... yes, I can still speak french - sortof)

- High School: Unionville (Arts York programme - majored in Acting and Vocal. Failed to become a movie star, sadly)

- Undergrad: Trent University. An excellent institution and, contrary to popular belief, not just for hippies
(although they are more than welcome too).

- Decided I liked Science. My undergraduate thesis was 'A Structural Role for Tryptophan 188 in
Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase' with Dr. Steven P. Rafferty

- Grad: Western University. PhD with Dr. Lars Konermann. My thesis was 'New Electrospray Ionisation
Mass Spectrometry Techniques for the Investigation of Rapid Biochemical Processes'

- Met my future wife at Trent when she invited herself to my apartment in order to make use of our TV.

- At Western, I managed an NSERC PGS-A (as it was then called) and then an NSERC CGS-D

- Published my first paper (well, the first paper with my name on it at any rate):
'A Structural Role for Tryptophan 188 in Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase' in BBRC

- Published 4 primary papers in the course of my PhD. They are (in a much abreviated form):
'A Capillary Mixer', 'Enzyme Mechanisms', 'iNOS Unfolding' and 'Desalting'

- Went on to do an NSERC Post-doctoral fellowship at Cambridge under the supervision of Dr. Chris Dobson.
Here I learned biophysical NMR (to the extent that anyone can learn NMR in a year and a half).

- Got married to Jane Heffernan, Aug 9 2003. She's an applied mathematician, also at York!

- About a month into the post-doc, I was offered the position at York... And here I am! Feel free to take a look around!

- Here's my (sortof) up-to-date CV in OCGS format.

Platform 9 and 3/4   Me and my beautiful wife Jane   This is an important statue at the L'ouvre...   This is what Cambridge looks like at it's best!   I am being attacked by the Atomium in Brussels