CHEM 6300
CHEM 6300
CHEM 6300

CHEM 6300 - Recent Advances in Analytical Biochemistry


Course Outline_2022 (PDF)


Lecture Recordings (Mp4):

Lecture 2: Introduction and Protein Folding

Lecture 3: Protein Folding and Calorimetry


Lectures (PowerPoint Download):

Lecture 1: What We're Doing and Why We're Doing It...

Lecture 2: Proteins in Detail

Lecture 3: UV/Visible and Circular Dichroism

Lecture 4: Fluorescence

Lecture 5: Cellular Level Methods

Lecture 6: Analytical Separations

Lecture 7: Mass Spectrometry - Instrumentation

Lecture 8: Mass Spectrometry - Bioanalytical Applications

Lecture 9: NMR - Instrumentation and Theory

Lecture 10: NMR - Applications


Papers (PDF Download):

Paper 1: UV/vis and CD Paper

Paper 2: Fluorescence Paper

Paper 3: Cellular Level Paper

Paper 4:  Separations (Part I only!!)

Paper 5: TOF MS (Sections 1, 2 and 4)

Paper 6: Time Resolved ESI-MS

Paper 7: NMR and Drug Discovery


Useful Links: (cool tools for protein analysis)

Swiss pdb (a little annoying to use, but plenty powerful) (THE protein structure database)